Sandro – Games

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I feel this topic is relevant to everyone, including me, because it seems that everyone has played at least one game in their life due to games’ variety of forms. I feel this is especially relevant to me since I play games very often like, soccer, video games, badminton, etc. Games have probably played a major role in my confidence and self-esteem, since I could feel instant feedback and rewards from them, which are hard to find in life.

For many teenagers games are very important because games are one of the few things many teenagers have interest in that have proven to develop their minds. Being a teenager can be stressful sometimes, but games require full concentration and allow the player to have fun despite the background, even if they are going through the hardest times. Some scientists even speculate that brain development going on during a game may be even equal to that of learning in class.

While studying this issue I learned that playing and games were for the improvement of the mind rather than body which surprised me since one would think that physical health would be the one most commonly associated with play. I also learned that life literally was a game according to definition. Previously I had thought the saying “Life is a game” was just an expression.

Although games do help us in mainly improving our mental and emotional health, sometimes games give us too much satisfaction and get us addicted and procrastinating, which is a problem. During a game full concentration is given, when one is concentrating his awareness of time fades, and although the time will remain constant time may seem to go faster, making the procrastination and addiction even longer than it seems.

When I stumbled upon this topic I was soon very interested. My initial thought on games was that is was played because we needed to exercise, but as I read on I found out that games were simulations of life that give us clear, fast, obvious rewards, which are very abstract in life, that the complex human psychology needs. For example: a game can fulfill the human cognitive need for excitement.

Playing games is important in strengthening the mind (and body sometimes) although too much may lead to disastrous effects, which are some times undoable.





Yeahjun Heo-Game Addiction

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Today’s topic is… Game addiction!!

Do you like games? Or love it? Like and love are different things. Back on topic. I personally think that video games are actually fun since Pokemon is considered a video game. But there is sometimes when people get addicted to it. It sound crazy but, some people won’t agree with me. So I will show you what game addiction is.

I would like to ask you a question if I may, what do you do at home? I usually do my homework first. But all those homework would lead to the computer. So for me, I would be using the computer. This would affect you in your teenage life and further on to your adult hood. And as a teenager who is still growing, your bones can be easily damaged and could cause neck pain, back pain, and other spine related symptoms.

From the start of my kindergarten life as a game lover, I knew it would be bad to play for a long period of time, but I couldn’t resist it! This issue is spreading all over the world targeting children to adults. The high quality images from games nowadays are being one reason for this addiction. There is other issue like people who can’t control themselves and people who will feel satisfied only when playing games. It’s like you want to do your homework but you can’t because your mind is focused on video games, but if you do your homework, you will get serious headaches and would be depressed.

Some problems and solutions can be:

  • If you spend too much time on the computer, you should limit your time on the computer.
  • If you spend money and you regret your purchases, it’s to late. Next time, just think before you buy or purchase a game or item in a game.
  • If you feel neck and back pain, you should get up and stretch or just take a walk outside.
  • If you feel like your eyes are drying up, you should put some eye drops and read. Just get off the computer.
  • If you can’t control yourself, get some help from your family or go see a doctor.

My final opinion of game addiction is that not only games make up an addiction. If you look at the modern world of social networking, you might find out that Facebook is making a great impact on some serious “friends” on Facebook. In Korea, a lot of families would not agree on making a Facebook account because it’s to dangerous and it will  be a distraction in your learning.

My thinking did not change since I moved to Korea in 2nd grade where grades were the most important thing. At that time, I had to go through a lot of trouble because of my love of games. As my mother says,” There is more harm than good in games.” I hope all game lovers in 7th grade might have changed their thoughts and opinions about games and good luck to every other people, too.

CWW 2014 Updates!

Hi Chillin Villains!

In case you need the reminders again, here’s the info you need to know for our Upcoming CWW week! The information here will be updated regularly so keep checking back!




CWW DATES:  Feb 10-14, 2014

Permission Slips are due by: Monday, January 27, 2014


2 days on-campus — 2 days off-campus rotation

Friday at Island Cove



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So the Villains have decided to bring in sacks of rice as our contribution to the donation drive.  Our challenge to ourselves was to bring in 10kg each by this Friday, Feb 7 which will make our Advisory contribution 120kgs!  Let’s do this Chillin Villains – Let’s help make a difference! Drop off the rice sacks in my room please – P044.



Marketing. . . Nicole

The most useful tool in the marketing business is shrewd trickery.  By applying simple scientific knowledge, a marketer is able to deceive a person’s mind to his or her advantage. The use of this common tactic to delude the public is both brilliant and alarming. After watching an episode of the Nat Geo program Brain Games, I wanted to learn more about our brains and how they can be so easily manipulated.

As teenagers, we are constantly bombarded with advertising.  A lot of the ads on TV and the internet are created with us as targets. We are subconsciously being brainwashed into thinking what the marketers want us to.

One of the main techniques used to mislead the public is anchoring. In this example, you are asked to compare the two buildings. The labels are the set anchors.  The Eiffel Tower is given a higher potential height, giving us the first impression of it being taller. Someone who answers the Empire State Building has escaped the illusion because of rational reasoning and use of previous knowledge.

This applies to everyday grocery shopping in real life.  The decision we make of which brand we purchase is heavily influenced by anchors as well.  We tend to pick brands we are familiar with and trust.  But the price of the item plays a huge part in the decision-making process. Many promotions are designed to confuse. When it comes to prices, it is not hard to give different items very vague potential prices. This distracts the brain and makes choosing a product more of a math problem than a comparison of quality.

I have realized that this unique ability to manipulate our own minds is amazing, but can be very dangerous.  People who are inexperienced must never be allowed to exploit the science of our brains for petty reasons. This may not seem to be much of a problem, but an individual’s opinions should never be influenced by external forces. Everyone should be in total charge of their choices. By thinking through decisions rationally and basing your choices on previous knowledge, you can avoid being dominated by constant advertising. It is important to be able to say no and step away from the situation to remain in control of your judgement.

Elizabeth – Laughing


This topic is relevant to me because I love to laugh. Humor is contagious, and laughter is something that everyone loves and enjoys. What could be better than a contagious giggle? Try to be pleasant and fun as possible, so you can laugh more! As well as being an enjoyable pass time, laughing has many health benefits.

Lots of people know the quote ‘Laughter is the best medicine.’, but do not know the reasons behind it. Here are some both long and short term benefits of laughter:

  • Eases your anxiety and fear

  • Relieves the stress from work

  • Improve alertness

  • Improves your mood

  • Helps defuse tension and conflict

  • Makes you happy

  • Strengthens relationships

  • Decreases chance of heart disease, increasing blood flow

  • Boosts your immune system

  • Releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals

  • Lowers your stress hormones

  • Relaxes muscles

I think that all teens should be laughing daily and often.

I learned a lot about what laughter is and how it happens in your brain. A study was done (the study of laughter is called gelotology), and in your brain, different parts are used to understand a joke and laugh.

  • Laughter is just a response to humor, not the same as humor

  • There are two parts:  the sound and the gestures

  • It seems so normal for us to laugh, yet us humans are the only animals that can laugh

How we laugh (in your brain)

  • Your left side of the cortex (layers or cells at the top of your head) analyzes the structure of the joke

  • Your large frontal lobe becomes active

  • Your right hemisphere of the cortex intellectually analyzes the humor to ‘get’ the joke

  • Brainwave activity spreads to sensory processing area of the occipital lobe (the analysis of visual signals)

  • Your now stimulated motor section causes the physical reactions

I believe that laughter should be an important component in everyone’s lives, as it is healthy, and very pleasant.

Maia- Drinking Water

Drinking water is something we need for our everyday bodily functions like creating saliva, maintaining the balance of body fluids, transporting nutrients and controlling calories. Water has plays and important role towards our bodies, because after all, we are up to 60% water. Drinking water is something we definitely don’t do enough. It’s pretty obvious that without water, we would all just, die, but what are some realistic problems about not drinking enough water?

If we don’t drink enough water, the following will happen:

  • Kidneys not able to remove toxins
  • Get headaches and migraines
  • Dry skin
  • Constipation
  • Muscle cramps

On the contrary, drinking too much water has it’s downside as well. If you drink too much water, that can result in death. This is because of water intoxication or hyponatremia.

What is water intoxication?

  • Means “insufficient amount of salt”
  • Nutrients become diluted and can’t function properly
  • Sodium imbalance → massive cell damage
  • Brain cells swell and burst with pressure when trying to absorb all the water

Who suffers from water intoxication?

Most people who suffer from this are athletes and babies, although it hardly results in death. Athletes suffer from this because when they sweat, the release the nutrients inside their bodies and have nothing to replenish what is lost. When people do exercise, they commonly drink water, but water does not help and restore nutrients causing them to suffer from water intoxication.

With all this said, how much water should we drink?

Everyone is different and should balance out what they drink with what they sweat and pee, but in general, everyone should drink about 6-8, 8 ounce glasses of water each day to stay healthy. That’s a total of about 1.9L!

How does this relate to us?

I know that most of us would not suffer from water intoxication but would most likely suffer from dehydration. During P.E. and through out the day, most of us DON’T drink enough water and don’t keep hydrated, therefore, we can not focus properly in class and have a hard time trying to participate. Lastly, as teenagers, I think majority of us would prefer sodas to water.

In conclusion, water is a major part of our life and we must take in what we need each day, not too much and not too little. It helps our everyday bodily functions and keeps us alert and ready through out the day. Water is something us teenagers definitely need to drink more often. Lets start today!



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Ellie – Benefits of Playing Sport

How is this issue relevent to you? Why is it important?

Playing sport and exercising is a really important part of my life, and many other kids as well . Kid’s who play sport are more likely to become amore mature physically active adult, but unfortunately some kid’s don’t play enough! Playing sport and exercising is an extremely important, and can benefit you in many ways, from as little as carrying your backpack to keeping your body happy and healthy. In todays generation, the number of children who exercise and play sport has dramatically reduced in the past 10 years. 40% of children in Australia do not play sport and barely exercise, and more than half of those kids are obese or overweight.

Benefits of Exercising and Playing Sport:

– Improved cardiovascular fitness

– Reduced risks of heart disease and osteoporosis

– Discipline and hard work from training and being in teams

– Better coordination, flexibility, balance and endurance

– Improves sleeping patterns

– Happy Endorphins

– Higher self-esteem, trust, sportsmanship and confidence from team sports

– Less stress, more organized

– Burning fat

– Enhances thinking and learing skills


What does this have to do with teenagers?

Teens need to exercise so they can maintain their mental and physical health. Research shows that the our generation is the laziest and unhealthiest, we need to change this. Picking an active activity that you enjoy will make you want to continue it regularly, which means that you can stay healthy by doing something that you enjoy, and not something you dred. Parents input is also important, giving your child encouragement and giving them limits on video games and other screen activity is vital.

What did you learn about this issue?

I learnt that there are more and more reasons to exercise and play sport, not only does it benefit you physically and mentally, but also socially and emotionally.

What is your final opinion about this issue?

I believe that exercising and playing sport should be a priority in everbody’s lives, it can be major like playing for a pro sports team or as little as going for a morning jog each day. There are more and more reasons to exercise, and the positives outweigh the negatives.

How has your thinking changed?

I used to think that exercise was popular amoung kids my age, but now I’ve realised that kids are getting lazier and lazier, so thats a sign for us to pick up on our act and become active and healthy kids!



Apoorv- HIV AIDS

The topic I am going to talk about today is HIV AIDS. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. AIDS is an important cause of illness and death, AIDS also drags down the economic development of highly affected countries. Its consequences for affected individuals and families are extreme. It is also an incurable disease and thus those who get it die no matter what. I picked this topic because AIDS is a very dangerous disease and a lot of people are affected by it. AIDS happens because of blood. When one persons blood goes into another persons body, there is a high chance they might get AIDS.
Does it affect teenagers?
Yes because HIV AIDS affects everyone who has it. The virus attacks the immune system of a person and thus weakens it. This makes the person vulnerable to any disease. So, people don’t die of AIDS, but of other diseases that they get because of AIDS. This results in death and a person doesn’t get to live the life they always dreamed. Also, they live their whole life knowing they will die soon. I learned that HIV AIDS does not kill people. It is other diseases that do. AIDS just allows them to attack a persons body by weakening their immune system.
In conclusion, this is important for all of you to know because AIDS is a lethal disease and cannot be cured. So I would like to tell you how to be safe from it. AIDS can happen during child birth and there is nothing that can be done abut this. But, when you go to get an injection, make sure they use a new needle because maybe he person before had AIDS and was a carrier. Also when getting your hair shaved make sure your barber does not use a razor, especially one that has been used before. Also, having unprotected sex can result in you or the other person getting AIDS. So be safe!