Sang Min- Contact Lens

Contact lenses (or contacts) are thin layer of lens placed directly on to the surface of the eye. Contact lenses are mostly considered as a medical devices.

There are three types and purposes of contacts. The three types of contacts are hard (rigid) lens, soft lens and disposable lens. The three purposes are for cosmetic, therapeutic and correcting eye vision.

Cosmetic contacts are designed to change the appearance of the eye (mostly the eye color). The other name of cosmetic contacts are decorative contacts. The therapeutic lens are like a bandage on your eye. It allows the injury to heal. It is also called pain relieving lens. The correction lens are designed to correct or improve the vision. It is done by focusing the light so the light enters the eye with more power to clear vision.

Hard or rigid lens are not really comfortable to use because it doesn’t allow much oxygen to go in to you eye. This is why a lot of people who uses hard lenses have a lot of clinical issues. Soft lens are more recently invented. It’s more comfortable to use because it allows more oxygen to go through. Disposable lens are lens that lasts for 1 to 30 days. It is mostly soft lens.

I chose this topic because this relates to me well because I have contacts. I just wanted to know why it hurts sometimes and what causes it. It affects teenagers because I know some people uses contacts and wanted them to know too. I learned that hard rigid don’t allow oxygen to go through and how the correction lens work. 

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