Raaya – Alzheimers

This topic is relevant to us because a lot of people are getting Alzheimer’s, and more people want to find a cure. With all the miracles of modern medicines, longevity and life expectancy is increasing, so if you get alzheimer’s you won’t be able to enjoy and ‘live’ those extra years that medicine has gotten us. It affects teenagers because they should be aware of these popular diseases even though they don’t happen to them, however it may affect them in the future. Alzheimer’s is a disease that occurs in people ages 60 and above, it is when you loose your memory and your brain starts to decay. This eventually leads to death. The biggest problem associated with this disease is that there is no cure, and more and more people are getting it. This is a very sad disease that ruins not only the person who gets it’s life, but also the people who love them. People everyday are workingvery hard to find a cure for alzheimer’s. I used to think that alzheimer’s was just when your memory was bad, now I know that it is a very serious matter, and it is the decay of your brain

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