Raaya – Alzheimers

This topic is relevant to us because a lot of people are getting Alzheimer’s, and more people want to find a cure. With all the miracles of modern medicines, longevity and life expectancy is increasing, so if you get alzheimer’s you won’t be able to enjoy and ‘live’ those extra years that medicine has gotten us. It affects teenagers because they should be aware of these popular diseases even though they don’t happen to them, however it may affect them in the future. Alzheimer’s is a disease that occurs in people ages 60 and above, it is when you loose your memory and your brain starts to decay. This eventually leads to death. The biggest problem associated with this disease is that there is no cure, and more and more people are getting it. This is a very sad disease that ruins not only the person who gets it’s life, but also the people who love them. People everyday are workingvery hard to find a cure for alzheimer’s. I used to think that alzheimer’s was just when your memory was bad, now I know that it is a very serious matter, and it is the decay of your brain

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Julian – Legalization of Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana is a rising problem in the world. There is a large debate due to it’s ability to go either way. This is important for us to know because the choice would heavily affect us and even our older siblings. The debate right now is a 50-50 debate because the legalize it side is saying that marijuana is a pain killer and it can be used for a wide variety of economics.  However if it was legalized it would affect kids our age highly because they would be allowed to advertise it publicly and thus it could easily get into the hands of teenagers. One of the solutions to this problem that they have inputed was only for legal uses. So as I said again either decision has it’s ups and downs. So finally as I said it is a complete 50-50 decision.marijun So as you can see from this photo it that many different parts of and the whole united states itself is almost 50-50.

Ethan – Cancer

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  • How is this issue relevant to you? Why is it important?
  • Because now the most common cause of death is by cancer, and there are lots of causes of cancer that people don’t even know, so it would be important to let everyone know how to prevent cancer, and let them know what things cause cancer, so that you avoid it.
  • How does it affect teenagers?
  • People will know all the causes and prevents of cancer and know to avoid it.
  • What did you learn about this issue?
  • I learned all the stuff that causes cancer, and all the things I can do, and all the food I can eat to prevent it. I also learned that radiation isn’t the only cause of cancer.
  • What is your final opinion about this issue?
  • I think it is very important issue because some people think that they are living healthy, but actually they are exposing their selves to cancer and don’t even know it, so it is important to know what causes cancer and how to prevent it, so less people die of cancer.
  • How has your thinking changed?
  • now I know that if you get cancer, you can still get rid of it, and I also know that everyone has cancer cells, they are just not active.