MUN 2013 – Operative Clauses for Debate

E BLOCK: The Question of Access to Clean Water


H BLOCK: The Question of Nuclear Disarmament



  1. Bring your notecards, notes, etc (printed) for the Debates
  2. Clauses will be debated in the order they appear
  3. Review the MUN Delegate packet for procedures BEFORE the debate
  4. Co-Submitters will be speaking for the clauses they co-submitted
  5. Submitters are open for points of information
  6. You may be called to ask for a point of information – be ready!
  7. If your clause didn’t make it to the top clauses to be debated, don’t worry but be ready to speak on behalf of or against any of the clauses presented.
  8. Take a deep breath and have fun! 🙂


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