Miguela – Social Networking


Social Networking was created to help people communicate and make new friends. It also has effects on our lives. It affects us by the way we communicate, express ourselves, and build friendships.


People use this because of education. It improves the way we do our homework and it is convenient, we can clarify what we need to do with our teachers. It also makes communication faster. It also connects people. It helps you become more involved through being able to share opinions, and advocacies. It helps you because of you being able to get a positive self-esteem by being able to gain affirmation through likes and positive comments. It also helps discover talents through sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.



– obesity
– heart problems
– depression
– diabetes
– eyes



– false sense of connection
– cyber-bullying
– decreased productivity
– risk of privacy


Cyber-bullying is when someone bullies you online by encouraging people to go kill themselves and giving them a low self-esteem by saying discouraging things.

Daniel Perry, killed himself because of a site called ‘Ask.FM’. He ‘thought’ that he was talking to a girl of his age but actually, he was talking to a group of ‘guys’. He was told to deposit thousand of pounds into an account or they would post  picture or an embarrassing video of him.

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Social Networking PPT


Sang Min- Contact Lens

Contact lenses (or contacts) are thin layer of lens placed directly on to the surface of the eye. Contact lenses are mostly considered as a medical devices.

There are three types and purposes of contacts. The three types of contacts are hard (rigid) lens, soft lens and disposable lens. The three purposes are for cosmetic, therapeutic and correcting eye vision.

Cosmetic contacts are designed to change the appearance of the eye (mostly the eye color). The other name of cosmetic contacts are decorative contacts. The therapeutic lens are like a bandage on your eye. It allows the injury to heal. It is also called pain relieving lens. The correction lens are designed to correct or improve the vision. It is done by focusing the light so the light enters the eye with more power to clear vision.

Hard or rigid lens are not really comfortable to use because it doesn’t allow much oxygen to go in to you eye. This is why a lot of people who uses hard lenses have a lot of clinical issues. Soft lens are more recently invented. It’s more comfortable to use because it allows more oxygen to go through. Disposable lens are lens that lasts for 1 to 30 days. It is mostly soft lens.

I chose this topic because this relates to me well because I have contacts. I just wanted to know why it hurts sometimes and what causes it. It affects teenagers because I know some people uses contacts and wanted them to know too. I learned that hard rigid don’t allow oxygen to go through and how the correction lens work. 

Isabella- Scoliosis


Scoliosis is when there is an unnatural or abnormal curve in the spine. There are many types of scoliosis, but I’m only going to talk about 3 🙂

  • Idiopathic
  • Congenital
  • Neurological

Idiopathic is the most common Scoliosis. It is when there is no definite cause as to why the person developed Scoliosis. Congenital is when spinal deformities appear at birth, which means that the person was born with Scoliosis. Neurological Scoliosis is when brain abnormalities affect nerves and muscles in spine. Scoliosis can happen at any point in time, but it usually starts at around adolescence age.

This affects teenagers, because we’re at that age where Scoliosis begins to form. If Scoliosis does end up happening, it can affect our daily life. If you’re into sports, it would be painful for you, and it would be harder to play. As pre-teens/teens, we should be aware of this topic, so that we know what could happen to our spine.

To solve Scoliosis, doctors have three different treatments (well more than three but that’s all I’m going to list!). The first thing that they can do after they find out that their patient has scoliosis. The doctor might put you in a brace. It’s basically a cast that you can only take off when taking a shower. The next thing that the doctor could do, if the Scoliosis is really severe, is suggest surgery. The last thing that he could do is an Observation. This is where he/she does nothing, but ask you to come back for daily check-ups. None of these treatments will exactly make the scoliosis go away, but it will definitely decrease how sever it is.

To prevent Scoliosis, never carry heavy objects, because it makes you hunch, and could form that “S” shape spine. Always stand up straight and have good posture, because even though it wont make you safe from Scoliosis, but it will definitely help decrease the chances of you getting it. Check your spine regularly to make sure that your spine is healthy.

This relates to me, because my mom actually has Scoliosis. Since Scoliosis is genetic, there’s a very big chance that I’ll be getting it also. I found this an important topic that I should about, so that I could understand what could really happen to me if I don’t start caring about my spine. I learned a lot of things researching about this topic, and I’m sure that I’ll be standing much straighter after this!




Khullat – Oxygen Particles

Hello Readers,

Today going to write about oxygen particles! Oxygen particles are inside injections. When injected into the blood stream they release Oxygen particles to flow oxygen through the blood stream with out the need of the person being injected to breath! For now they last 15- 30 minutes each helping doctors have a much better chance of healing the patient!      Here are a few: 

  • Acute lung failure
  • Blocked airway
  • If CPR is doing no good
  • Surgical procedures are not working
  • When Oxygen levels are dropping
  • When Chances of survival are futile,etc                                                                                                                                                                                                                It has saved countless lives and is going to save many more! Scientist and Doctors are still experimenting on how to make the active time longer!                                                Sincerely yours,                                                                                                                                Khullat!

Kevin – Parkour

How is this issue relevant to you? Why is it important?

I do sports, this is important because people should know a bit about parkour.

How does it affect teenagers?

Some teenagers don’t know how to parkour and hurt them self so they should know how to do real parkour.

What did you learn about this issue?

I learn how to do parkour carefully without hurting my self. What is good and bad about parkour.

What are some problems/solutions connected to the issue?

Some problems are breaking your bones, and the solution is to grow strong and eat healthy

What is your final opinion about this issue? You should learn about parkour before you do it.

How has your thinking changed?

Now that I know what to do before I do parkour, I will not hurt myself when I do parkour

Raaya – Alzheimers

This topic is relevant to us because a lot of people are getting Alzheimer’s, and more people want to find a cure. With all the miracles of modern medicines, longevity and life expectancy is increasing, so if you get alzheimer’s you won’t be able to enjoy and ‘live’ those extra years that medicine has gotten us. It affects teenagers because they should be aware of these popular diseases even though they don’t happen to them, however it may affect them in the future. Alzheimer’s is a disease that occurs in people ages 60 and above, it is when you loose your memory and your brain starts to decay. This eventually leads to death. The biggest problem associated with this disease is that there is no cure, and more and more people are getting it. This is a very sad disease that ruins not only the person who gets it’s life, but also the people who love them. People everyday are workingvery hard to find a cure for alzheimer’s. I used to think that alzheimer’s was just when your memory was bad, now I know that it is a very serious matter, and it is the decay of your brain

.  Alzheimers Concept Horizontal

Julian – Legalization of Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana is a rising problem in the world. There is a large debate due to it’s ability to go either way. This is important for us to know because the choice would heavily affect us and even our older siblings. The debate right now is a 50-50 debate because the legalize it side is saying that marijuana is a pain killer and it can be used for a wide variety of economics.  However if it was legalized it would affect kids our age highly because they would be allowed to advertise it publicly and thus it could easily get into the hands of teenagers. One of the solutions to this problem that they have inputed was only for legal uses. So as I said again either decision has it’s ups and downs. So finally as I said it is a complete 50-50 decision.marijun So as you can see from this photo it that many different parts of and the whole united states itself is almost 50-50.

Ethan – Cancer

  • url
  • How is this issue relevant to you? Why is it important?
  • Because now the most common cause of death is by cancer, and there are lots of causes of cancer that people don’t even know, so it would be important to let everyone know how to prevent cancer, and let them know what things cause cancer, so that you avoid it.
  • How does it affect teenagers?
  • People will know all the causes and prevents of cancer and know to avoid it.
  • What did you learn about this issue?
  • I learned all the stuff that causes cancer, and all the things I can do, and all the food I can eat to prevent it. I also learned that radiation isn’t the only cause of cancer.
  • What is your final opinion about this issue?
  • I think it is very important issue because some people think that they are living healthy, but actually they are exposing their selves to cancer and don’t even know it, so it is important to know what causes cancer and how to prevent it, so less people die of cancer.
  • How has your thinking changed?
  • now I know that if you get cancer, you can still get rid of it, and I also know that everyone has cancer cells, they are just not active.