Celiac Disease-Andrea Marrero


Celiac disease is a lifelong allergy to gluten.Gluten is a protein found in wheat,barely, rye, and also some oats. So, people with celiac disease can’t eat bread, cakes, brownies, cookies, oatmeal, etc. If they eat gluten then the lining of their intestines will get damaged. This can prevent the intestines from absorbing nutrients and can cause a variety of other symptoms.

No one really knows the exact cause for celiac disease, but we do know that it runs in the family. If a family member has celiac disease then you will have a 5% to 10% chance of getting the disease. Environmental stress can activate celiac disease. For example, you can have this disease your whole life but sometimes it will only activate when you are older and have many things on your mind and are stressed.

Some symptoms for…

Children are: growth problems, decreased appetite, failure to gain weight, vomiting, irritability

Teenagers are: growth problems, weightless, depression, mouth sores

Adults are: bone or joint pain, arthritis, depression or anxiety, bone loss, seizures, mouth sores

Remember these are just a few of the symptoms of celiac disease… There are still many more

Celiac disease can affect teenagers because they can’t eat gluten, which I think would be extremely hard! For example, if they go to a party they would not be able to eat any pizza or cake, so that would be very difficult. Teenagers with celiac disease would also have to deal with all of the symptoms, which is also very hard. For example, if they have growth problems they might get bullied or they could have depression which is very difficult to deal with.

I chose this topic because my mom has celiac disease, but I have never really learned about it. I wanted to learn more about celiac disease so that I could understand more about my mom’s disease and notice the affects it has on her. Now I even think I know more than she knew about celiac disease!

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