Irritable Bowel Syndrome– Jack

Whenever I thought of diseases like this I always would laugh to myself. Thinking that would be really terrible and unfortunate. I never actually realized how this disease actually is very painful. It also disrupts a normal life style.

Irritable bowel syndrome affects teenagers because that is when you are most likely to develop this disease. Also many teenagers don’t diseases like this seriously. They never stop to even think about symptoms like:

Stomach bloating

Abdominal pains


Chronic diarrhea

Chronic constipation

Also another problem with diseases like this is that there is no treatment or cure. So you can only use particular medicines to relieve yourself, such as:

Anti-diarrhea medicines


Constipation treatments

Antispasmodics (to ease cramping)


A change in diet can dramatically reduce symptoms. For example If you have IBS with constipation, it can help to cut down on insoluble fibre.  If you have IBS with diarrhea, it can help to eat more soluble fibre and drink more water.

From this topic I realized that all diseases must be taken seriously because they are often quite painful and disable you from living out a normal life style.

This is a photo of the intestines, where all the pain would be if you had Irritable Bowel Syndrome