The Effects of Heroin-Johann

This issue is important to me because many teenagers around the world have suffered from bad choices and some students in our school could relate to taking drugs. It is also important because in my coming years I could actually consider taking heroin but I know now the effects so I will definitely never do it. I think this issue is relevant because we are learning about substance abuse in wellness and many children our age are possibly considering heroin.

This effects teenagers because many, many teens around the world take heroin with no idea of the physical and mental consequences. Also many teenagers have been influenced by peer pressure to take certain drugs but If they know the effects they will always think before they act.

I will know tell you the long and short term effects of heroin.

Short term effects
„Dry mouth
„Blocks pain receptors which basically makes you numb to pain
„Severe headaches
„Severe itching
„Drowsiness for several hours
„Cardiac functions slower
„It is harder to breathe
„Breathing is slowed down
„Slurred speech
„Droopy eyelids
„In certain cases death
Long term effects
„Addiction itself
„Infectious diseases such as HIV and AIDS
„Collapsed veins
„Bacterial Infections
„Heart Lining becomes infected
„Liver diseases
„Blood vessels leading to lung, liver, heart and brain can get clogged up
„Swollen lungs
„And eventually death
As you can see there are many consequences of heroin. Would you really go through all of this just to feel high for 1 hour?
I will now tell you some tips to stop using heroin.
„First acknowledge the problem and the effects. You should do this so you know what you are going against.
„Get a support group to help you stay away from it. It is extremely hard to stop an addiction by yourself. You should get a support group who will help you to stop your addiction.
„Dispose of any heroin you have. You HAVE to get rid of any heroin you have and stay away from it at all times. Just one look at heroin and your addiction will start all over again
„Stay away from friends who are regularly using heroin. Again you must stay away from any friends who have influenced you to use heroin or friends who are abused by heroin regularly. If you isolate yourself from them you can see how happy your lifestyle can be when you are not wasting your time and money on Heroin.
„Set a quit date. Set a date when you will not use heroin until. An example would be 2 months away and your goal would be to not use ANY heroin for 2 months.
„Think about things that will trigger your addiction and stay away from it. Again stay away from anything that could possibly trigger your addiction or all your work would have gone to waste.
„Reward yourself. Give yourself something to work to. For example every month you don’t use heroin buy yourself a prize like a watch or bag.
„If you put your mind to it you can do it.
I know now the effects of heroin and how badly it can effect your body physically and mentally. I know that I will 100% never use heroin and I hope my friends think that way as well.