The Dangers of Running- Sem

Running is a sport that benefits you in many different ways but do you know the consequences? Do you know… the dangers of running?

First of all there are injuries to the foot, ankle, knee and the leg. Also there is joint pain by lactic acid and cartilage destruction. Not to mention the inflammation of tendons. Also there is an indefinite loss of calcium and harm to the adrenal glands.

Astrology facts

Capricorn: prone to leg or knee injuries

Aquarius: prone to ankle injuries

Pisces: Prone to feet/toe injuries

Means of prevention:

Use shock absorbers in your shoes, Refrain from running distances further than 5 miles, Run on soft dirt or grass surfaces

Also you can try other sports like yoga or biking along with running.

l think this is important because people are always running long marathons without thinking of the dangers