Dengue By Ashwin

This issue is relevant to me as a teenager because it affects many people around my age and even some of my friends have gotten sick of it before! Dengue is important to know about because if you don’t, then you might get sick with Dengue yourself! Dengue affects teenagers by causing your blood to get infected. This leaves you with symptoms such as headaches, rashes, muscle pains, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. I learnt that dengue is caused when you get bitten by a kind of dengue carrying mosquito. I also learned that regular mosquitos turn into dengue carrying mosquitos when they bite someone who already has dengue or DHF, that’s why dengue is becoming more and more popular. To avoid catching Dengue, stay in air-conditioned rooms, avoid being outdoors at dawn, dusk, or early evening, and use mosquito repellent when you go outdoors. My final opinion on this issue is that more people need to learn about how to keep yourself safe from dengue as hundreds of people still fall prone to it every year. I used to think that Dengue was only really rare and it barely ever happened but now I know that anyone could fall sick with Dengue at any time!

imgresOne of the most common dengue carrying mosquitos, Aedes aegypti