Kishan- Alien Hand Syndrome

Alien hand syndrome is when your hand moves without you intending to. People often think it is referring to the physical appearance of the hand but it is not. At times it can even be fatal since your hand may strangle you or others since the hand has a mind of its own. You can still feel your hand but the actions it does are uncontrolled. People who have this disease do not suffer from it all the time since it happens occasionally. This disease is not contagious and I will explain to you why later.There are not many symptoms to this disease since it happen suddenly but if you feel like your hand is doing anything out of the ordinary there is a pretty good chance that you will suffer this disease. This may include involuntary jerks or anything similar.  People still do not know the exact cause of this disease since it is not very common but it has long been believed that the main cause why this disease occurs is because there might be damage to the corpus callosum of the victim. The other possibility is that your control over the part of the brain which controls the hand is telling your hand to move around unconsciously. This means that this syndrome is not contagious since it is associated with the brain. Sadly, there is no cure or remedy to this syndrome since no one exactly know what is the cause of this syndrome.