Night Terrors ~ By: Harini :)

Night terrors are a sleeping disorder that not many people wind up with, but when they do, it impacts your life.

When you sleep your eyes move all around, it is called REM sleep or rapid eye movement sleep.  And this is completely normal, so don’t worry.  REM sleep is when you have your mediocre nightmares.  NREM or non-rapid eye movement  sleep on the other hand, is where you witness night terrors.  There are four stages in NREM sleep, and night terrors occur in the transition from the third to the fourth stage.

Some problems that are attached to night terrors may include screaming, crying, sweating, paling, waking up frightened etc.  There is no medical treatment to night terrors but there are ways to cope with it.  For example, you and your parents can make your bedroom a safer place for the night terror episodes.  Take away any source of disturbance, and set a night time schedule, that including when you will get up and when its time to go to sleep.  Avoid staying up too late, and if you are a parent, reduce your child’s stress as much as possible.  Along with that consult a doctor.

Night terrors are very queer disorders.

Let me explain…

  • People who witness night terrors can’t remember a dream after they had it

  • They do not remember the night terror episode the next morning

  • The child will sit up in his/her bed and scream completely confused, and does not respond to stimuli given

  • Even though the victim is awake, they will not be aware of any other presence in the room

  • They usually thrash around, and will not respond to any comforting

  • The amount of how long the night terror is can vary.  A victim may have the episode for one to two minutes, or might be acquainted with it for 30 minutes before they calm down.

  • Sometimes, when a child is not awake during a night terror, some pieces of the episode may come back into memory

  • Mostly victims forget about it by the morning

  • Children MOSTLY overgrow this disorder in their adolescent stage

I chose night terrors, because they are different.  They are an enigma to figure out.  Nobody I know has this disorder, and only a small percentage of people get it.  But I feel like this is relevant and important to me, because we don’t notice small disorders that impact people’s lives greatly.  We focus on major problems like cancer, and yes I agree it is very big of a deal, but I feel like I forget how people face through smaller disorders.  Not to mention, I picked this topic because when I was surfing through the web, something about night terrors caught my eye.  And ever since, I’ve been fascinated by this.  It affects teenagers by sleep deprivation.  Most kids overgrow this disorder while they pass through their adolescence, but not all do.  And the one’s who don’t they  have problems sleeping, and that affects their daily lives.  For example, they might have their SAT exam the next day or maybe they might have a big football game tomorrow.  My thoughts have skyrocketed once I started to know more and more about this.  I started to think… there are nightmares, night terrors, dreams… what else is linked to sleep?  The human brain, is truly a puzzle.


Diabetes – Margarita

Diabetes is a metabolic disease. There are 3 types of diabetes. This is an important issue because not only adults get it, but kids and teenagers can too.

Teenagers aren’t usually aware of the things they put into their bodies. They like to eat food, especially sweet things that are filled with (not natural) sugar. Diabetes is caused by high sugar levels in your blood. You need to be aware of what you consume, and make sure you control your sugar. Living with Diabetes, even at a young age, is very hard, especially if you have Type 1 Diabetes. You would need to take insulin injections for the rest of your life, and follow a specific diet.

You can use some of the symptoms of Diabetes to tell if you have it. The symptoms occur depending on the type of diabetes you have (1, 2, or 3). Some of the symptoms are:

  • The frequent need to urinate
  • Increased hunger and thirst
  • Extreme fatigue (tiredness)
  • Blurry vision
  • Injuries heal slower
  • Weight Loss (even if you’re eating more)
  • Tingling, pain, or numbness in the hands and feet

Some people who aren’t aware of they symptoms might not pay much attention to them, or think that those are normal things that happen to their bodies that they shouldn’t worry about.

This is relevant to me because a lot of my family members are diabetic, and that means that I have to be aware about the subject, since it’s in my blood. I wanted to learn more about Diabetes so I know the causes of it, and how to prevent it.

One of the causes I mentioned was high blood sugar levels, which you get from consuming too much sugar. To prevent Diabetes, get into the habit of exercising more, eating healthier, and cutting down on refined carbs such as white bread, pasta, and white rice, and sugary drinks like soda, iced tea, and others that are artificially flavored.diabetes_symptoms

Celiac Disease-Andrea Marrero


Celiac disease is a lifelong allergy to gluten.Gluten is a protein found in wheat,barely, rye, and also some oats. So, people with celiac disease can’t eat bread, cakes, brownies, cookies, oatmeal, etc. If they eat gluten then the lining of their intestines will get damaged. This can prevent the intestines from absorbing nutrients and can cause a variety of other symptoms.

No one really knows the exact cause for celiac disease, but we do know that it runs in the family. If a family member has celiac disease then you will have a 5% to 10% chance of getting the disease. Environmental stress can activate celiac disease. For example, you can have this disease your whole life but sometimes it will only activate when you are older and have many things on your mind and are stressed.

Some symptoms for…

Children are: growth problems, decreased appetite, failure to gain weight, vomiting, irritability

Teenagers are: growth problems, weightless, depression, mouth sores

Adults are: bone or joint pain, arthritis, depression or anxiety, bone loss, seizures, mouth sores

Remember these are just a few of the symptoms of celiac disease… There are still many more

Celiac disease can affect teenagers because they can’t eat gluten, which I think would be extremely hard! For example, if they go to a party they would not be able to eat any pizza or cake, so that would be very difficult. Teenagers with celiac disease would also have to deal with all of the symptoms, which is also very hard. For example, if they have growth problems they might get bullied or they could have depression which is very difficult to deal with.

I chose this topic because my mom has celiac disease, but I have never really learned about it. I wanted to learn more about celiac disease so that I could understand more about my mom’s disease and notice the affects it has on her. Now I even think I know more than she knew about celiac disease!

Rashad Omar(Ochad) Abrian = Cholesterol

  • How is this issue relevant to you? Why is it important?

Because I heard  a lot of people that has high cholesterol are people that are hard to stop it and they can get a heart attack.

  • How does it affect teenagers?

because they could think that eating a lot of cholesterol are the food that has good taste and fat

  • What did you learn about this issue?

The people that has high cholesterol has a big chance of heart attack

  • What are some problems/solutions connected to the issue?

This could be number one death because more people put news and tell that it’s bad

  • What is your final opinion about this issue?

that they should do less oil on fast food

  • How has your thinking changed?

It makes me healthier because i’m trying to avoid it a lot


Differences between Boys and Girls

We all know that boys and girls grow and mature at different rates and in different ways.  Below are some images that highlight some differences between boys and girls.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 9.42.54 AM

Use the checklist below to see if you can identify the differences that occur in both genders and what both boys and girls similarly go through.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 9.49.21 AM

The vocabulary list below will help you go through the words to know for this unit too.


Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 9.43.22 AM

Irritable Bowel Syndrome– Jack

Whenever I thought of diseases like this I always would laugh to myself. Thinking that would be really terrible and unfortunate. I never actually realized how this disease actually is very painful. It also disrupts a normal life style.

Irritable bowel syndrome affects teenagers because that is when you are most likely to develop this disease. Also many teenagers don’t diseases like this seriously. They never stop to even think about symptoms like:

Stomach bloating

Abdominal pains


Chronic diarrhea

Chronic constipation

Also another problem with diseases like this is that there is no treatment or cure. So you can only use particular medicines to relieve yourself, such as:

Anti-diarrhea medicines


Constipation treatments

Antispasmodics (to ease cramping)


A change in diet can dramatically reduce symptoms. For example If you have IBS with constipation, it can help to cut down on insoluble fibre.  If you have IBS with diarrhea, it can help to eat more soluble fibre and drink more water.

From this topic I realized that all diseases must be taken seriously because they are often quite painful and disable you from living out a normal life style.

This is a photo of the intestines, where all the pain would be if you had Irritable Bowel Syndrome

The Effects of Heroin-Johann

This issue is important to me because many teenagers around the world have suffered from bad choices and some students in our school could relate to taking drugs. It is also important because in my coming years I could actually consider taking heroin but I know now the effects so I will definitely never do it. I think this issue is relevant because we are learning about substance abuse in wellness and many children our age are possibly considering heroin.

This effects teenagers because many, many teens around the world take heroin with no idea of the physical and mental consequences. Also many teenagers have been influenced by peer pressure to take certain drugs but If they know the effects they will always think before they act.

I will know tell you the long and short term effects of heroin.

Short term effects
„Dry mouth
„Blocks pain receptors which basically makes you numb to pain
„Severe headaches
„Severe itching
„Drowsiness for several hours
„Cardiac functions slower
„It is harder to breathe
„Breathing is slowed down
„Slurred speech
„Droopy eyelids
„In certain cases death
Long term effects
„Addiction itself
„Infectious diseases such as HIV and AIDS
„Collapsed veins
„Bacterial Infections
„Heart Lining becomes infected
„Liver diseases
„Blood vessels leading to lung, liver, heart and brain can get clogged up
„Swollen lungs
„And eventually death
As you can see there are many consequences of heroin. Would you really go through all of this just to feel high for 1 hour?
I will now tell you some tips to stop using heroin.
„First acknowledge the problem and the effects. You should do this so you know what you are going against.
„Get a support group to help you stay away from it. It is extremely hard to stop an addiction by yourself. You should get a support group who will help you to stop your addiction.
„Dispose of any heroin you have. You HAVE to get rid of any heroin you have and stay away from it at all times. Just one look at heroin and your addiction will start all over again
„Stay away from friends who are regularly using heroin. Again you must stay away from any friends who have influenced you to use heroin or friends who are abused by heroin regularly. If you isolate yourself from them you can see how happy your lifestyle can be when you are not wasting your time and money on Heroin.
„Set a quit date. Set a date when you will not use heroin until. An example would be 2 months away and your goal would be to not use ANY heroin for 2 months.
„Think about things that will trigger your addiction and stay away from it. Again stay away from anything that could possibly trigger your addiction or all your work would have gone to waste.
„Reward yourself. Give yourself something to work to. For example every month you don’t use heroin buy yourself a prize like a watch or bag.
„If you put your mind to it you can do it.
I know now the effects of heroin and how badly it can effect your body physically and mentally. I know that I will 100% never use heroin and I hope my friends think that way as well.