Congenital Insensitivity To Pain – Medha

This topic is important to me because it is a very serious disorder. It may not be too common, but it still exists.  This could affect teenagers because we should know what kinds of things are out in the world.  And they should know that if when they do something that is supposed to hurt and it does not, it is not just because you’re strong. It could possibly be something way more serious than you think.   I learned that not many people have this disorder, and while I was researching this topic. I came across a bunch of different diseases and disorders that I did not know about. Some problems to thus issue would be hurting yourself when you are not meant to.

My final opinion about this is that I feel extremely bad for the few people who have this life taking disorder. I really hope that they discover a cure for this disorder.   At first when I heard of this disorder I thought it was pretty cool. But when I actually researched, I found out that it was a pretty serious and terrible thing to have. 032812_Pain

Ayako – Nature

Nature and people

This issue is relevant to me because nature is everywhere in my life. For example weather is part of the nature. When it is rainy outside I feel annoying and bad,but,on the contrary, I feel good and happy on a shiny day. Also, if I’m in the forest or surrounded by the tree I feel relaxed. This affects teenagers because nature changes our feeling and how we act.

I learned that nature affect us in both positive way and negative way. We feel differently. When it is rainy, cloudy or air is polluted we can become sick. like migraine. When it is pleasant weather it puts you in a good or happy mood. For example on pleasant weather in spring, you it brings you to higher mood.

Global warming is one of the problems that brought about by destruction of the nature. Cities are developed by cutting down trees in the forest and covering soil by concrete. We need to consider how we can live together with the nature even living in cities.For example we can make parks with trees on top of the buildings to make people relax.

I only appreciate nature when I go to outing to forests, mountains and seas. I now think it is important how nature is close to our life even if we usually live in cites.