Numerous Ways to Fight Stress- Joaquin

No one can avoid stress. It’s that overwhelming feeling you get because of all the work you have to do. But there are numerous ways to fight stress that I can share with you. First, there is relaxation. You can use relaxation by walking on the beach, meditating, watching tv shows you like, or listening to music. This helps you forget about all the stressful things you did earlier in the day. The second way to fight stress is through exercise. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which relieves you of stress. This is relevant to me because I’m the kind of guy who gets stressed easily. What’s important is that there are ways to prevent it.

Stress affects teenagers because most of them are overwhelmed with schoolwork or exams. This comes in while they are trying to focus on their schoolwork but can’t. They can stop what they are doing and try and relax with these ways to fight stress. I learned that fighting stress is a good way to make your life easier. Even though it may be very helpful, there are some problems that come with these methods. One of them is that it takes up so much time, so it may not be best to use them if you are in a rush. There are solutions to these problems if you are in a rush, you can try and shorten the methods to make them faster and still almost as effective.

There are ways to prevent stress too. First there is learning to say no. When you have so much work on your hands and someone is giving you more, just say no. Second is to pare down a list. Listing down what to do and when to do it helps you prevent the chance of accidentally doing something when you are supposed to be doing something else, then it messes up your schedule. Third is avoiding people that stress you out. If there is someone who is constantly stressing you out, try and look for other people to talk to. Last is controlling your environment. If something on tv is stressing you out, turn it off, or if the traffic is really bad try and take a longer and smoother route.

I think that these methods are very effective and help lots of people in their everyday lives. If you don’t relax, you might as well be the hulk.images-4