Amnesia- Amani

Amnesia is basically a memory loss (fully or partial). That’s why I chose this picture, because it shows someone confused about a thought/ idea. This issue is relevant to me because I know lots of elders, so knowing about this issue makes me respect them more for not being able to remember something.

This issue affects teenagers because there have been horrid events (like bombings, kidnappings, etc.) that have completely traumatized some kids and teenagers, which changes their whole life.

I learned that Amnesia can be the loss of memory after and incident, or before and incident.

Some problems connected to this issue is that Amnesia can also be a result of lots of diseases the elderly are prone to, like alzheimer’s disease. A solutions connected to this issue is that you can prevent yourself from getting brain disease (which is a cause of Amnesia), by doing things like avoiding lots of alcohol, and wearing safety equipment (eg: when biking wear a helmet).

My thinking has now changed because I now know how one traumatic event can be life changing.

My final opinion about this issue is that since there isn’t really a way to bring back memories for someone who has Amnesia, we should treasure all our memories because we won’t always be able to say “remember that time where…?”.