Ella – Benefits of Listening to Music

I chose this topic because I really enjoy listening and playing music. I believe listening to music is important, because it has many benefits. The two most important I think are expressing emotion, and relieving anxiety. Listening to music affects teenagers, because sometimes we go through a lot of stress. Listening to music relieves stress, and is fun as well! I learned a lot doing this topic. I thought it was pretty cool that you can recover faster if you listen to music, because the endorphins flood your brain, and counter-act the pain that you might be going through. Also, I learned that listening to music can help your memory process things better. As I said before, some teenagers go through a lot of stress. Music can be relaxing, and is a great way to relieve anxiety. I think you should listen to music at least once a day. This will make you less stressed, and your day will be a lot smoother, and stress-free! If you are feeling angry or sad, you can also relate to a song that is angry or sad! Before this health buzz, I didn’t know that listening to music had all these benefits. I always just thought it was a fun way to relax! Now I know that listening to music is good for you!


These are some examples of music that affects your emotions:

Heavy metal: Anger, frustration

Funk: Happy, excited, groovy

Rock Ballad: Sad, sleepy, depressed


I believe mediation is very important because it gives you the ability to train your mind and help your brain think more efficiently. At this stage of our life we (teens) get stressed out a lot whether it is about a test or a project that is due tomorrow and you haven’t done anything yet; meditation helps relieve stress and calm you down so you can focus on getting things done. I learn that meditation can give you energy. By breathing in and out, your body creates energy. Meditation has a lot of benefits that I haven’t even thought about. I feel that if people meditated for 5mins every night, people would feel more wake and focused on school rather then sleeping when your teachers explaining something. Before I did this presentation, I thought that meditation was just a way of calming you down (which it is) but it has other benefits that can help me a lot in school, sports or any other activities and it slows the aging process, I mean how cool is that!Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.32.27 PM

Li-Jian – “Drinking water”


This issue is relevant to me because though I know that drinking lots of water is important, I don’t drink that much or often. Therefore, when I researched about this topic, I slowly learnt that drinking water is much more important than you think it is. Drinking water is very important because it transports nutrients and carries waste away from the body cells. It is also important for proper functioning of the brain and heart. There are many other explanations/facts of why drinking water is important but I’ll explain more of them to you later on. Moving on, my goal is that by doing this as my topic, hopefully I could teach other people who also don’t drink as much water as I used to do to know about the benefits and importance of why drinking water should be necessary in their lives and this topic may not only connect to me, but it may also connect to you.

This topic can affect teenagers because even though teenagers do drink water, sugar- sweetened beverages are being consumed much more than water as teenagers tend to prefer drinks like: Sodas, smoothies, shakes, iced tea etc. and not enough water. Therefore, it affects teenagers because since those types of drinks are being consumed much more than the average amount of water they don’t drink, it causes dehydration and dehydration has many negative effects, some more critical than others. It could lead to kidney failure as there is not enough water to remove the toxins in their bodies effectively to flush their systems the way they are meant to be. It could also lead to lupus symptoms. It is a chronic inflammatory condition that can affect any part of the body including the joints, skin, heart, kidney, lungs and nervous system. It is one of the most common disease in which the immune system attacks it’s own body tissues. It is an unpredictable lifelong condition. Dehydration could also cause migraines and depression. Well, you get the point; not drinking enough water has many negative side effects.

I learned a lot about this topic. I learned about the many benefits of drinking water . Here are some of the benefits:

  1. It is accessible and near you
  2. We have access to clean water
  3. Helps you lose weight
  4. Zero calories
  5. Helps to relieve headache and back pain
  6. Make you look younger with healthier skin
  7. Better performance/productivity at work or school
  8. Reduce the risk of cancer
  9. Helps in digestion and constipation
  10. Puts you in a good/happy mood 🙂

Believe it or not, drinking too much water is bad and dangerous for you. In previous cases, inexperienced marathon runners died in effort of trying to keep hydrated known as water intoxication or hyponatremia. Hyponatremia is a word formed from the Latin and Greek roots translates as “insufficient salt in the blood”. Severe cases of hyponatremia can lead to water intoxication, an illness whose symptoms include headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, frequent urination and mental disorientation. A solution to leveling out what you drink is to balance what you’re drinking with what you’re sweating and to only drink when you are thirsty. Those are the best ways to make sure you control the amount of water you drink. Another solution is to drink the recommended amount of water each day and that is 8 glasses per day for both boys and girls.

Before, I used to think that not drinking water is fine. I used to do it all the time of not drinking the right amount of water but now that I know that there are so many negative effects that could happen to you if you don’t drink water, I made a change and started to drink the right amount I need.

My final opinion about this topic is that drinking water is very important. It may seem that not drinking water is fine but it’s actually not. A choice so small of not drinking water seems no harm at all but in truth, there are many critical negative effects that could happen if you choose to make that choice. So let me ask you a question. Are you still going to hold that soda in your hand, or are you going to choose water instead? You decide.


Hakeem – ” Why should we exercise “

Why should we exercise is because we have to stay fit by doing some of the exercises shown on tv,teachers,friends,family and video games. Doing exercises makes you sweat alot and that is good for you. Exercise make you and your family go to the park or go to the gym together to stay fit. Exercising at different enviroment make you to have more friends. People exercise because maybe there bored or they just feel like doing exercise.

People go out to exercise with there family to bond with them or to have fun. Walking up and down the stairs us also exercising or walking to other places. Going outside to play sports s also exercising for example if you’re playing football your exercising with muscula endurance and cardiorespiratory endurance. So you should exercise everyday to stay healthy and keep in good shape

Mackenzie- dreaming

1. This issue is relevant to me because it is an interesting subject that I have always wonder about when I was little. I think that it is important to know because every child wonders how we dream so when your older you can research about it.

2. This affects teenagers because they should know what happens to them when they sleep. Also dreaming is just a cool thing to learn an know about.

3. I learned that dreaming is an interesting thing that I wish I knew when I was little. Also I learned that dreaming is something that happens every night, I didn’t know that.

4. Well there weren’t any problem for this subject so I don’t have any solutions. it isn’t a problem because there was nothing that was bad that was happening so nothing is wrong about dreaming.

5. My final opinion about this issue is that I think i did well doing but I wish i put more information on it to make is a longer presentation, it was to short.

6. My thinking has changed about dreaming, everything I thought about dreaming was all wrong know that i know about it it is really different.



Everyone plays video games these days. Regardless of...well everything everyone games. This was the topic for my healthbuzz

Everyone plays video games these days. Regardless of…well everything everyone games. This was the topic for my healthbuzz

Hi, im Alex and I chose the topic of Gaming for my Healthbuzz. This topic interests me a lot. I myself play lots of video games and im sure others do too. It seems in these times people are spending less time outside and more time on screen so I wanted to learn just what is happening when you game. I researched about the positive and negative effects of gaming and was surprised to find more positives than negatives as well as lots of things that people think about gaming that aren’t true. A few positive effects that I found were. 1. Gaming reduces stress and depression as well as acts as a pain relief for not only mental but physical pain, by acting as a distraction. 2. FPS (First Person Shooter) games actually improve eyesight due to the amount of attention needed to play them. Of course there were negatives that included. 1. Gaming can be VERY addictive and take away from other things such as homework and sport. 2. In violent games violence is usually rewarded meaning you get good stuff for being violent and it can send us wrong messages. I think now that gaming can be more good than bad for you IF played and handled correctly. Thank you for reading.

Sijbren – “Pets in your Life”


Elderly Woman Holding Pet Cat

* This picture shows an older lady, who is clearly very happy with her cat, despite the fact that she is disabled and might otherwise be very lonely.


By: Sijbren Kramer

This issue is relevant to me, because I have a pet parakeet, and have noticed the changes in my lifestyle that have happened because of it.

Having a pet can affect the life of a teenager. I am an only child and have benefited from taking care of something alive that responds to me, not like a fish. Having a pet helps you become more responsible because the difference between a dead dog and a happy alive dog rests in your hands. It’ll help you relax and relieve stress, which is very important in the stressful and busy life of a teen.

I learned that besides the obvious benefits of having a pet, there are many scientific benefits. Having a pet is proven to help lower cholesterol levels in your body, and increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, that calm and relax. Having a pet can help improve all the six kinds of wellness, emotional, mental, physical, social, spiritual, and environmental.

Having a pet has many benefits. You will learn responsibility, because you have to feed and take care of it. You will become more patient, because its an animal and you can’t just tell it what to do; you have to teach it. You will learn how to communicate better, because it doesn’t speak; you have to use hand gestures and positive reinforcement. With a pet that needs you, you’re less likely to fall into depression. Studies show that people with pets have fewer visits to the doctor.

Some negatives are that a pet can destroy furniture, scratch curtains, rip couches, etc. Depending on the kind of pet, one can be expensive to buy and take care of. Your pet can develop a sickness that in turn might affect you.

My conclusion is that their are many positive reasons to own a pet at all ages, to learn responsibility as a child, to help relax as a teenager, and as a companion for an older person to prevent loneliness.

As an only child I have always wanted a pet, as a companion and just for fun, but now I know that their are many other benefits of having a pet and some change as you grow older.

Olivia – Why is it good to exercise daily?

Exercising is a very important because it helps you stay healthy and it can also help with your mood. It can affect teenagers if they do not do sport because they don’t know how to let out there anger or frustration with school/friends etc. Sports can make you feel better about yourself and help you make more friends! What I learnt about this issue is that even though sports might seem really annoying, it can actually be heaps of fun! People always say (including me) “I have sports after school” in a sad voice. But sports does not have to be a must! It should be something you really enjoy doing! Thats why it is very important to try a lot of new sports. Lets say you don’t like basketball, then try something new like Volleyball!

Some problems if you do not exercise is that you could become very unhealthy and over weight. You could also become very sad/angry and frustrated because sports helps release your anger. Some solutions to solve your health problem is to exercise! Also you might be the person who sits behind there computer and eats a bag of chips, well put those chips down and start eating fruit! Eating healthier can help you with sport because it has vitamins that your body needs to be active! My final opinion is that I think every teenager should exercise for at least a half an hour to an hour each day! There are many sports they could do like Basketball, Swimming, Running, Athletics, Soccer, Volleyball, Rugby, Touch Rugby, Baseball, Tennis and much more. This has changed my thinking because exercising is more important then I thought and all teenagers should do it everyday!


Andrew-Effects of Marijuana

This issue is important to me because when I grow older, it will become more common and common for people in my grade, and we all know what peer pressure does. Marijuana affects teenagers massively as teens who don’t smoke marijuana have better grades than those who do. I learned that marijuana might make you feel good, but just for that short period of time. Afterwards you can develop issues like depression,intense anxiety, fear, distrust, and panic. I think the final option is to not even touch marijuana. It’s a gateway drug (a gateway drug means it will get you interested in drugs) and could cause bigger problems, like drug dealing and addiction. We all know that marijuana is evil, but would you use it? That’s something only you can control.shutterstock_96288692