Go-Which sports are good for exercise

I chose this topic because i want to learn more about exercise.

First, I searched a calorie consumption rankings. 1st place was swimming freestyle.Swimming freestyle can lost 1337kcal for male(1hour), 1039kcal for female. 2nd place was swimming breaststroke. Swimming breaststroke can lost 700kcal for male, 544 kcal for female. 3rd place was jogging. Jogging can lost 605 kcal for male, 470 kcal for female.4th place was soccer and basketball. Soccer and basketball can lost 509kcal for male, 396kcal for female. Now i know swimming freestyle is best for exercise. After searched i calculated, And i know swimming freestyle 1hour is same with play soccer and basketball 3 hours.

For last, i searched how much exercises we need for lost same calorie with unhealthy meals(hamburgers, fried chickens・・・・・). When i gonna take a lunch on mcdonald’s, i always eat bigmac meal with large orange juice and large french fries. I searched how much kcal these foods have, and i know bigmac have 550kcal, large orange juice have 280kcal, and large french fries have 500kcal. That’s mean, for total, bigmac meal have 550+280+500=1330kcal. That’s so unhealthy. If you guys want to lost same calories with bigmac meal, you guys need to swim 1 hours. If you guys can’t swim, you guys need to play soccer or basketball 3 hours. I can’t do that.That’s mean, we can’t eat unhealthy foods so much.



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  1. I see that swimming freestyle for an hour 1337 calories. It makes me think about why swimming loses the most calories. I wonder if there are other sports that helps lose more calories. 😀

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