Jerico – A Balanced Plate

I chose this topic because it is a matter in which I am transitioning and adapting to, myself. Also, this should be a concept that receives greater exertion throughout society, because it is widely disregarded by many, and ignored. There is not enough attention being laid upon this topic, as it is a crucial component to fitness. Fitness would not be complete without a balanced diet and proper nutrition. It is not only exercise and maintained physical activity, so if a balanced diet were to be further pushed aside, then I don’t think you can truly achieve fitness.

There is more than one cause to this.

One, is how society is enthralled towards the illusions set upon ourselves by major fast and junk food companies. What they want is money, and they will set themselves towards this goal of profit, regardless of what the rest of society is being molded into. Constantly, we are bombarded with advertisements, deals and perks, however, we do not stop and think about our own physical circumstances and the potential consequences, but rather, we think in financial terms.

Second, it is our own ignorance. Are we thoroughly aware of what goes on to produce fast and junk food? What about what goes on behind the desk? We always stop at the grocery store and look at nutritional values, although an adequate portion of ourselves already do. However, the rest, the ones that don’t, may be more prone into turning to unhealthier choices. Also, it may as well be in plain sight. Food… in a can. It isn’t natural, although it is so regular to ourselves because they have just been there. Additionally, preservatives have been applied to reduce or cripple the rate of which the food rots, but natural food is meant to eventually spoil or rot. These are some of the things you can take into further consideration.

If teens chose to turn to a healthy and balanced diet, then society and our communities may benefit immensely, in terms of physical and health terms. If this has reached a certain degree of widespread, then it may also impact the food industries, making them conclude that they must produce healthier choices (However, they still might just care about money). Due to this, school cafeterias may be further themed and revolve around a healthier lifestyle. Finally, because of widespread, there will be that sense of trend and craze, so people may receive greater influence.

To get others to turn to a healthier diet, we must convince everyone into believing that their current ways will put themselves at risk. How? Through science, which is ever-progressing, we may stumble upon a countless number of breakthroughs regarding fast food and junk food. However, there is also another way. It may as well start early, that is, convincing people of this, and a viable environment and setting may be of one involving learning If we continue to influence minds about this persistently, then the future may actually turn out different. This should be further emphasized in schools, as well as other parts to fitness.

Overall, as mentioned before, this should be emphasized further, so people are made more aware of this developing dilemma. If we don’t then society in the distant future may look pretty bloated. As for myself, I am currently in the transition into adopting this concept of a healthier diet, and I am now taking it more seriously than before. This has been my healthbuzz topic.

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  1. I see that eating healthy is very important must be taken very seriously. This makes me rethink about the food I eat. After reading this, I wonder why fast food companies came up with the idea of fast food.

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