Eliot-Aids & HIV

HIV is a life threatening disease that has impacted over 34 millions people all around the world, all genders, all ages, all races, rich and poor.

In this Health Buzz, I learned what this disease does and how many people get impacted by it. Spreading awareness is a way to help prevent people from getting HIV. If you know the consequences and how it is transmitted, than the chances of spreading are lessen. Sadly, Scientist haven’t found a cure to Aids and HIV yet, however they have created antiretroviral drugs to help people living with HIV. This year for the first time a new born child was cured from HIV, it has given hopes to millions that one day a cure for all will be found.

Before, I thought that HIV was a virus that could easily be transmitted and realised after the Health Buzz how little I knew. Now, I am more understanding of people affected by HIV and Aids. I am also more informed and better prepare if faced with choice that could lead to HIV.

Aids and HIV

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