Clive – Cyberbullying

I believe learning about cyberbullying is important because, it helps us understand more about what is happening in our world and how to stop it from re-occuring.  At this stage of our life we (teens) have our own opinions about each other and we are sometimes tempted or peer pressured into saying something bad about a person.  Since the technology in our world is advancing rapidly, we tend to use social media (twitter, facebook, skype, etc.) to voice our opinions about each other.  I never knew that even spreading rumors and/or lies is a form of cyberbullying.  Saying anything bad or harmful directly to a person or through someone else is considered cyberbullying.  Cyberbullying has many negative effects on a person I have never even realised.  The victim might avoid friends and social activities.  Even a text can result in the victims change in mood, behaviour, sleep, or appetite, whcih can lead to anxiety, depression and other stress related disorder and very serious cases, it can cause suicide.  Before I researched about this topic, I thought the cyberbullies’ intention was to just express their negative thought about someone, but now I have come to realise that the cyberbullies’ intention is to humiliate and discredit the targeted individual.  I think that this issue is very important and if it isn’t stopped it will cause a very dire situation in our world.

Fun Facts: On September 6, 2013 President Benigno Aquino III, signed the Anti-bullying  Law and the Law was enacted on September 18, 2013. cybercyber3 cyber2

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