Ella – Benefits of Listening to Music

I chose this topic because I really enjoy listening and playing music. I believe listening to music is important, because it has many benefits. The two most important I think are expressing emotion, and relieving anxiety. Listening to music affects teenagers, because sometimes we go through a lot of stress. Listening to music relieves stress, and is fun as well! I learned a lot doing this topic. I thought it was pretty cool that you can recover faster if you listen to music, because the endorphins flood your brain, and counter-act the pain that you might be going through. Also, I learned that listening to music can help your memory process things better. As I said before, some teenagers go through a lot of stress. Music can be relaxing, and is a great way to relieve anxiety. I think you should listen to music at least once a day. This will make you less stressed, and your day will be a lot smoother, and stress-free! If you are feeling angry or sad, you can also relate to a song that is angry or sad! Before this health buzz, I didn’t know that listening to music had all these benefits. I always just thought it was a fun way to relax! Now I know that listening to music is good for you!


These are some examples of music that affects your emotions:

Heavy metal: Anger, frustration

Funk: Happy, excited, groovy

Rock Ballad: Sad, sleepy, depressed

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