Ella – Benefits of Listening to Music

I chose this topic because I really enjoy listening and playing music. I believe listening to music is important, because it has many benefits. The two most important I think are expressing emotion, and relieving anxiety. Listening to music affects teenagers, because sometimes we go through a lot of stress. Listening to music relieves stress, and is fun as well! I learned a lot doing this topic. I thought it was pretty cool that you can recover faster if you listen to music, because the endorphins flood your brain, and counter-act the pain that you might be going through. Also, I learned that listening to music can help your memory process things better. As I said before, some teenagers go through a lot of stress. Music can be relaxing, and is a great way to relieve anxiety. I think you should listen to music at least once a day. This will make you less stressed, and your day will be a lot smoother, and stress-free! If you are feeling angry or sad, you can also relate to a song that is angry or sad! Before this health buzz, I didn’t know that listening to music had all these benefits. I always just thought it was a fun way to relax! Now I know that listening to music is good for you!


These are some examples of music that affects your emotions:

Heavy metal: Anger, frustration

Funk: Happy, excited, groovy

Rock Ballad: Sad, sleepy, depressed


I believe mediation is very important because it gives you the ability to train your mind and help your brain think more efficiently. At this stage of our life we (teens) get stressed out a lot whether it is about a test or a project that is due tomorrow and you haven’t done anything yet; meditation helps relieve stress and calm you down so you can focus on getting things done. I learn that meditation can give you energy. By breathing in and out, your body creates energy. Meditation has a lot of benefits that I haven’t even thought about. I feel that if people meditated for 5mins every night, people would feel more wake and focused on school rather then sleeping when your teachers explaining something. Before I did this presentation, I thought that meditation was just a way of calming you down (which it is) but it has other benefits that can help me a lot in school, sports or any other activities and it slows the aging process, I mean how cool is that!Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.32.27 PM