Mackenzie- dreaming

1. This issue is relevant to me because it is an interesting subject that I have always wonder about when I was little. I think that it is important to know because every child wonders how we dream so when your older you can research about it.

2. This affects teenagers because they should know what happens to them when they sleep. Also dreaming is just a cool thing to learn an know about.

3. I learned that dreaming is an interesting thing that I wish I knew when I was little. Also I learned that dreaming is something that happens every night, I didn’t know that.

4. Well there weren’t any problem for this subject so I don’t have any solutions. it isn’t a problem because there was nothing that was bad that was happening so nothing is wrong¬†about dreaming.

5. My final opinion about this issue is that I think i did well doing but I wish i put more information on it to make is a longer presentation, it was to short.

6. My thinking has changed about dreaming, everything I thought about dreaming was all wrong know that i know about it it is really different.