Everyone plays video games these days. Regardless of...well everything everyone games. This was the topic for my healthbuzz

Everyone plays video games these days. Regardless of…well everything everyone games. This was the topic for my healthbuzz

Hi, im Alex and I chose the topic of Gaming for my Healthbuzz. This topic interests me a lot. I myself play lots of video games and im sure others do too. It seems in these times people are spending less time outside and more time on screen so I wanted to learn just what is happening when you game. I researched about the positive and negative effects of gaming and was surprised to find more positives than negatives as well as lots of things that people think about gaming that aren’t true. A few positive effects that I found were. 1. Gaming reduces stress and depression as well as acts as a pain relief for not only mental but physical pain, by acting as a distraction. 2. FPS (First Person Shooter) games actually improve eyesight due to the amount of attention needed to play them. Of course there were negatives that included. 1. Gaming can be VERY addictive and take away from other things such as homework and sport. 2. In violent games violence is usually rewarded meaning you get good stuff for being violent and it can send us wrong messages. I think now that gaming can be more good than bad for you IF played and handled correctly. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Great job! I like how you took a topic that is usually considered as negative, but show the positive sides of it. Also you said that it is only good if you play video games in the right way. But if not than the negatives outweigh the positives.

    Sincerely: Not Sem

  2. Nice job! You have really showed how video gaming can effect your lifestyle. I also like how you chose a topic which many teenagers can relate to and that you showed positive sides to a mostly negative activity. You also showed an example of what kids could do other than playing video games


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