Sijbren – “Pets in your Life”


Elderly Woman Holding Pet Cat

* This picture shows an older lady, who is clearly very happy with her cat, despite the fact that she is disabled and might otherwise be very lonely.


By: Sijbren Kramer

This issue is relevant to me, because I have a pet parakeet, and have noticed the changes in my lifestyle that have happened because of it.

Having a pet can affect the life of a teenager. I am an only child and have benefited from taking care of something alive that responds to me, not like a fish. Having a pet helps you become more responsible because the difference between a dead dog and a happy alive dog rests in your hands. It’ll help you relax and relieve stress, which is very important in the stressful and busy life of a teen.

I learned that besides the obvious benefits of having a pet, there are many scientific benefits. Having a pet is proven to help lower cholesterol levels in your body, and increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, that calm and relax. Having a pet can help improve all the six kinds of wellness, emotional, mental, physical, social, spiritual, and environmental.

Having a pet has many benefits. You will learn responsibility, because you have to feed and take care of it. You will become more patient, because its an animal and you can’t just tell it what to do; you have to teach it. You will learn how to communicate better, because it doesn’t speak; you have to use hand gestures and positive reinforcement. With a pet that needs you, you’re less likely to fall into depression. Studies show that people with pets have fewer visits to the doctor.

Some negatives are that a pet can destroy furniture, scratch curtains, rip couches, etc. Depending on the kind of pet, one can be expensive to buy and take care of. Your pet can develop a sickness that in turn might affect you.

My conclusion is that their are many positive reasons to own a pet at all ages, to learn responsibility as a child, to help relax as a teenager, and as a companion for an older person to prevent loneliness.

As an only child I have always wanted a pet, as a companion and just for fun, but now I know that their are many other benefits of having a pet and some change as you grow older.