Olivia – Why is it good to exercise daily?

Exercising is a very important because it helps you stay healthy and it can also help with your mood. It can affect teenagers if they do not do sport because they don’t know how to let out there anger or frustration with school/friends etc. Sports can make you feel better about yourself and help you make more friends! What I learnt about this issue is that even though sports might seem really annoying, it can actually be heaps of fun! People always say (including me) “I have sports after school” in a sad voice. But sports does not have to be a must! It should be something you really enjoy doing! Thats why it is very important to try a lot of new sports. Lets say you don’t like basketball, then try something new like Volleyball!

Some problems if you do not exercise is that you could become very unhealthy and over weight. You could also become very sad/angry and frustrated because sports helps release your anger. Some solutions to solve your health problem is to exercise! Also you might be the person who sits behind there computer and eats a bag of chips, well put those chips down and start eating fruit! Eating healthier can help you with sport because it has vitamins that your body needs to be active! My final opinion is that I think every teenager should exercise for at least a half an hour to an hour each day! There are many sports they could do like Basketball, Swimming, Running, Athletics, Soccer, Volleyball, Rugby, Touch Rugby, Baseball, Tennis and much more. This has changed my thinking because exercising is more important then I thought and all teenagers should do it everyday!


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