Georgia Sleep Paralysis

When you’re asleep, your brain releases chemicals that paralyzes your body so that you don’t act out your dreams. This is normal and happens to everyone, even me! What I didn’t know is that you could actually wake up during this process and be in between the state of dreaming and the state of wakefulness! I found it really cool and interesting, and I thought that I wanted to experience this. The average age of when sleep paralysis episodes are first experienced areage 14-17, but it can be experienced at any age group.


If teenagers first experience sleep paralysis, along with the frightening hallucinations caused by shifting in between the stage of sleep and being awake, and breathing difficulty, they should be aware that this is nothing to be afraid of (even though it causes abnormal amounts of fear) and that they aren’t going crazy. Sleep paralysis can also be exhausting as it takes almost all of your energy to regain control of your body. A problem this can cause is lack of sleep, or being exhausted after sleep instead of having a restful night. Another problem could be fear of sleep because the experience of sleep paralysis could be truly terrifying and you may not want to experience it again.


I think that sleep paralysis could give you an experience utterly out of this world, like flying or seeing your body from above and floating, which is like, you’re dying, but… you’re… not… dying… Anyways, I used to think that sleep paralysis was awesome, but after reading the article and researching a lot, I realized that the people that actually do experience it wish that they don’t because it was such a scary (scary is actually an understatement) experience, and after I looked deeper into it, I felt like I’d never want to be in the horrific hallucinations and the I-can’t-breathe scenario.

Go-Which sports are good for exercise

I chose this topic because i want to learn more about exercise.

First, I searched a calorie consumption rankings. 1st place was swimming freestyle.Swimming freestyle can lost 1337kcal for male(1hour), 1039kcal for female. 2nd place was swimming breaststroke. Swimming breaststroke can lost 700kcal for male, 544 kcal for female. 3rd place was jogging. Jogging can lost 605 kcal for male, 470 kcal for female.4th place was soccer and basketball. Soccer and basketball can lost 509kcal for male, 396kcal for female. Now i know swimming freestyle is best for exercise. After searched i calculated, And i know swimming freestyle 1hour is same with play soccer and basketball 3 hours.

For last, i searched how much exercises we need for lost same calorie with unhealthy meals(hamburgers, fried chickens・・・・・). When i gonna take a lunch on mcdonald’s, i always eat bigmac meal with large orange juice and large french fries. I searched how much kcal these foods have, and i know bigmac have 550kcal, large orange juice have 280kcal, and large french fries have 500kcal. That’s mean, for total, bigmac meal have 550+280+500=1330kcal. That’s so unhealthy. If you guys want to lost same calories with bigmac meal, you guys need to swim 1 hours. If you guys can’t swim, you guys need to play soccer or basketball 3 hours. I can’t do that.That’s mean, we can’t eat unhealthy foods so much.



Cathy – “Panic Attacks”


This issue is relevant to me because I have suffered with it in the past, although I never realized it – I simply thought that I was stressing myself out a lot more than I should have been. In addition, I also chose this topic because I know that there are a lot of teenagers that suffer from panic disorder and feel alone and misunderstood.

Panic attacks are basically periods of intense fear and anxiety that are usually associated with a lot of physical and psychological symptoms like:



-Feeling unable to breathe or very fast breathing

-Chest pains


-Tingling or numbness in your hands and feet

-Hot or cold flushes

-Feeling nauseous and claustrophobic

-Being extremely emotional/uncontrollable crying

-Feelings of unreality

Panic attacks happen very quickly, usually peaking within 5 to 20 minutes, however there have been a few cases in which panic attacks have lasted up to an hour. When panic attacks occur, they usually happen one after another, therefore these cases that are said to have lasted an hour are probably 2 or more consecutive panic attacks, not just one long one.

  • Why do panic attacks occur?

Think of it this way:

Your brain stores all your memories (everything you’ve learned, seen, heard,etc.)            This means your brain also stores your recollections of panic attacks (where it                happened, who you were with when it happened, etc.), so it begins to train your            body to react in a similar way when you are faced with a similar situation.

  •  Here are some causes of panic attacks:

-Stress: When you are stressed, you think a lot more negatively, and this leads              to anxiety, which then triggers the panic attacks.

 -Heredity/Genetics: Panic attacks are actually considered a disorder – panic disorder. Just like how other diseases can be passed on in a family from generation to generation, panic disorder can be passed on from parent to child. Not all people who suffer from panic disorder have family members that also have it, although it may be a contributing factor.

-Intelligence: Surprisingly, panic attacks are more common in people with a                   higher IQ because they can focus more internally, increasing their awareness for             their physical and emotional sensations, triggering panic attacks.

-Hyper-sensitivity: Hyper-sensitivity is the overall awareness of your                                body. Everyone experiences raised heart rates, aches, pains, and the like                      everyday, however almost all people who do not suffer from panic disorder                    usually do not even notice this. People who suffer from panic attacks, however,            are over-sensitive to these feelings. They notice and feel every one and                          also experience a rush of anxiety and adrenaline whenever this happens, which            results in panic attacks.

For me, I think my panic attacks began when I was about 9 or 10 years old, although rarely. Eventually  though, my panic disorder took its toll. I think a lot of my panic attacks came from stress – I lost too much weight, I lost my appetite, I thought too negatively for my own good, I spent less time doing what made me happy… and I came home having a panic attack everyday. It eventually became sort of a routine for me, which I didn’t tell anyone about, and let me tell you now, it was NOT good. If you suffer from panic attacks, do not cope with it by yourself; it will only make you feel more alone.

It came to the point where everyone in my family knew that it was affecting me in a way which was unhealthy and unfit for someone my age, and I decided enough was enough, and that I would find a way to deal with it because I did not want to spend the rest of my life like that. I think the only way to deal with panic attacks is to take it easy and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you feel you can handle it, you can also take the medical route and see a doctor. Panic disorder also makes you not want to go anywhere and do anything because you are afraid of having a panic attack if you do so – if you feel this way, do NOT let these feelings rule over you; push yourself to get out of  your comfort zone and try new things – but don’t do anything that you think will make you uncomfortable.

Lastly, I think that doing this topic has made me more aware of both myself and other people; I never knew that panic attacks were considered a disorder, or that intelligence can be a cause of panic attacks, or a lot of the topics I just covered, for that matter – I never even realized until now that what I have been experiencing for the past 3 and a half years were panic attacks. I really hope this has helped you in some way, and if you are reading this, and you suffer from panic attacks and feel like it will be like this for the rest of your life, just remember – it’s never easy to deal with panic attacks, and no matter how scary it is, it will not kill you. Panic attacks aren’t uncommon, especially in teenagers, so you are not alone. 🙂

CWW Updates, Final Info, etc!


Here are some final details and reminders before we all head off to CWW tomorrow:

  1. Don’t forget to check and recheck the packing list to make sure you brought everything you need! (Hat and water bottles are a must!)
  2. Leave your electronics (cellphones, ipads, ipods) at home please!
  3. Bring a daypack on the bus with light snacks, a rain jacket or hoodie, water bottle, hat, etc. (Your overnight bag will be stored in the bus luggage compartment so you won’t have access to it for the trip up.)
  4. Don’t forget your House Shirt!

We’ll meet in front of my room (P044) at 7:30am and head over to the bus together!

Get ready for an AWESOME CWW trip!! 🙂

Jerico – A Balanced Plate

I chose this topic because it is a matter in which I am transitioning and adapting to, myself. Also, this should be a concept that receives greater exertion throughout society, because it is widely disregarded by many, and ignored. There is not enough attention being laid upon this topic, as it is a crucial component to fitness. Fitness would not be complete without a balanced diet and proper nutrition. It is not only exercise and maintained physical activity, so if a balanced diet were to be further pushed aside, then I don’t think you can truly achieve fitness.

There is more than one cause to this.

One, is how society is enthralled towards the illusions set upon ourselves by major fast and junk food companies. What they want is money, and they will set themselves towards this goal of profit, regardless of what the rest of society is being molded into. Constantly, we are bombarded with advertisements, deals and perks, however, we do not stop and think about our own physical circumstances and the potential consequences, but rather, we think in financial terms.

Second, it is our own ignorance. Are we thoroughly aware of what goes on to produce fast and junk food? What about what goes on behind the desk? We always stop at the grocery store and look at nutritional values, although an adequate portion of ourselves already do. However, the rest, the ones that don’t, may be more prone into turning to unhealthier choices. Also, it may as well be in plain sight. Food… in a can. It isn’t natural, although it is so regular to ourselves because they have just been there. Additionally, preservatives have been applied to reduce or cripple the rate of which the food rots, but natural food is meant to eventually spoil or rot. These are some of the things you can take into further consideration.

If teens chose to turn to a healthy and balanced diet, then society and our communities may benefit immensely, in terms of physical and health terms. If this has reached a certain degree of widespread, then it may also impact the food industries, making them conclude that they must produce healthier choices (However, they still might just care about money). Due to this, school cafeterias may be further themed and revolve around a healthier lifestyle. Finally, because of widespread, there will be that sense of trend and craze, so people may receive greater influence.

To get others to turn to a healthier diet, we must convince everyone into believing that their current ways will put themselves at risk. How? Through science, which is ever-progressing, we may stumble upon a countless number of breakthroughs regarding fast food and junk food. However, there is also another way. It may as well start early, that is, convincing people of this, and a viable environment and setting may be of one involving learning If we continue to influence minds about this persistently, then the future may actually turn out different. This should be further emphasized in schools, as well as other parts to fitness.

Overall, as mentioned before, this should be emphasized further, so people are made more aware of this developing dilemma. If we don’t then society in the distant future may look pretty bloated. As for myself, I am currently in the transition into adopting this concept of a healthier diet, and I am now taking it more seriously than before. This has been my healthbuzz topic.

Eliot-Aids & HIV

HIV is a life threatening disease that has impacted over 34 millions people all around the world, all genders, all ages, all races, rich and poor.

In this Health Buzz, I learned what this disease does and how many people get impacted by it. Spreading awareness is a way to help prevent people from getting HIV. If you know the consequences and how it is transmitted, than the chances of spreading are lessen. Sadly, Scientist haven’t found a cure to Aids and HIV yet, however they have created antiretroviral drugs to help people living with HIV. This year for the first time a new born child was cured from HIV, it has given hopes to millions that one day a cure for all will be found.

Before, I thought that HIV was a virus that could easily be transmitted and realised after the Health Buzz how little I knew. Now, I am more understanding of people affected by HIV and Aids. I am also more informed and better prepare if faced with choice that could lead to HIV.

Aids and HIV

Clive – Cyberbullying

I believe learning about cyberbullying is important because, it helps us understand more about what is happening in our world and how to stop it from re-occuring.  At this stage of our life we (teens) have our own opinions about each other and we are sometimes tempted or peer pressured into saying something bad about a person.  Since the technology in our world is advancing rapidly, we tend to use social media (twitter, facebook, skype, etc.) to voice our opinions about each other.  I never knew that even spreading rumors and/or lies is a form of cyberbullying.  Saying anything bad or harmful directly to a person or through someone else is considered cyberbullying.  Cyberbullying has many negative effects on a person I have never even realised.  The victim might avoid friends and social activities.  Even a text can result in the victims change in mood, behaviour, sleep, or appetite, whcih can lead to anxiety, depression and other stress related disorder and very serious cases, it can cause suicide.  Before I researched about this topic, I thought the cyberbullies’ intention was to just express their negative thought about someone, but now I have come to realise that the cyberbullies’ intention is to humiliate and discredit the targeted individual.  I think that this issue is very important and if it isn’t stopped it will cause a very dire situation in our world.

Fun Facts: On September 6, 2013 President Benigno Aquino III, signed the Anti-bullying  Law and the Law was enacted on September 18, 2013. cybercyber3 cyber2

CWW: Club Balai Isabel

CWW is fast approaching!! We’ll be working on coming up with our Advisory cheers to kick off the awesome trip but before we do that there are a few things we need to take care of.

1. Please make sure you’ve turned in your permission slip 

2. Make sure you’ve spoken to your parents about CWW and the trip

3. Finally, check out the packing list below so you know what you’ll need to bring!

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 11.56.31 AM

Weekend Thought Bubble: Procrastination?!?

This month we’re working on becoming more Self-Directed, Responsible students, which means that we first need to figure out what things are stopping us from achieving this.  We’ve spoken about procrastination and setting better goals.  Check out this comic from about the different types of procrastinating!

Screen Shot 2013-09-17 at 9.08.16 AM