Welcome to the Wellness Wall!!

Welcome to the Wellness Wall!! Here you will find everyone’s postings from their Health Buzzes and their thoughts on topics presented and discussed.  You are encouraged to constructively comment on other classmates’ posts and to read up on all the new information presented here!

Reminders for the Wall:

1. You need to post your entry to the wall immediately after you present your health buzz

2. Keep all comments, suggestions, and questions on other people’s posts constructive and positive.

3. Don’t forget to include an appropriate image to go along with your post and to explain your thinking.

4. Revisit the wall every once in awhile to see what your classmates are sharing!

Instructions for posting:

Contribute to the class blog by posting your written understanding/thinking about your health buzz.

1.  GO TO  ism-online.org 

2.  LOG IN (top lefthand side) – Sign in using the user name: healthbuzz password: The password changes so make sure to ask me for the password before you post!

3.  GO TO relfc or villanuevam blog

4.  Click “New Post” and make sure to check the Category “Wellness Wall” on the right hand side of the posting page so the post shows up in the correct place.

5.  PUT YOUR NAME & TOPIC in the title

6.  When you are done typing up your post, click “PUBLISH” and then log out.

* You can post your power point/video/link if you like

This would be the topic of my HEALTH BUZZ

Tips for Success

  1. Write one paragraph (6-10 sentences) minimum (you can write more!) using these guiding questions:
  • How is this issue relevant to you? Why is it important?
  • How does it affect teenagers?
  • What did you learn about this issue?
  • What are some problems/solutions connected to the issue?
  • What is your final opinion about this issue?
  • How has your thinking changed?
  1. Include an appropriate image with an explanation about how it relates to your issue.

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